Communion in a Time of Dread (hymn) — Jim Burklo, USA

Maundy Thursday communion by Geoff Clarke, UK

Tune: Sursum Corda  (How Like a Gentle Spirit)

(Use freely, with attribution)

One truck delivers us our wine and bread

Another swerves and leaves our children dead

One driver sings a hymn of love and life

Another chants a call to holy strife


One phone is used to set a bomb alight

Another used to comfort those in fright

And yet both users share a common Source

The same antenna gives their signals force


We seek communion in a time of dread

Yearn for a table that for all is spread

Our broken hearts are blind to creed and caste

But burn for love to reconcile at last

Jim writes:  “with gratitude to Rev. Rex Hunt of Australia, who challenged a group of his fellow progressive Christian clergy and musicians around the world to come up with poetry/hymns for healing after the recent terrorist attacks in Britain.”

Jim Burklo, Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California, writes progressive prayers, hymns and other worship items.  Many of his liturgical materials can be found in his book “Birdlike and Barnless:  Meditations, Prayers, and Songs for Progressive Christians”  (2008, St Johann Press).  Explore his blog for more words for worship.