Now there’s the Three of us – Duncan Wilson, UK

Thoughts on ‘Trinity Sunday’

‘God, I’m lonely,’
God thought,
Where’s the point of a void?
‘I’ll make me a world –
hold that – a universe –
full of wonders,
creatures to keep me company,
to enjoy each other –
to enjoy me.’
And God did.
Life abundant.
Night and day, God made,
flower and fruit,
lake and forest.
Eden, God called it.
But not paradise for long.
‘God’s Chosen People’
proved not a choice selection.
Patience tested, hearts broken,
leaders failed, blood, shed,
prophets silenced,
paradise postponed.
God needed a new thought.

‘I’ll make me a human – out of myself.
I’ll talk direct, in the flesh,
they’ll listen.’, God thought – or hoped.
So, Love came down,
and lived among us –
looked like us, wept like us,
remade lives,
bared a soul:
Told it ‘how it was’,
faced evil full on……
And paid the price,
hung out to dry.
Three days dead,
then bursting with life
and with yet another thought…

‘I’ll breathe my very self into them,
be as close as I can get’.
They will be my hands and feet,
my eyes and ears,
inhale my love, my hope, my zeal,
cherish my creation, seek my wisdom,
bind up the wounds,
love one another,
pursue my peace,
till all my work,
and theirs,
is done.
Then rest,
And rejoice in it.’