Our Mother Creator, Responsive Reading, Genesis 1 —  Jann Aldridge-Clanton, USA

Used with permission: reference http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/lib/about_apod.html#srapply

This litany was prepared for use by the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.

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Based on Genesis 1 (included in the Sunday lectionary for Epiphany Year B, Trinity Sunday Year A, and Easter Years A,B and C)

Using the maternal reference for God, this reading was originally written for Mothering Sunday.

LEADER:  In the beginning our Divine Mother gave birth to the

ALL:  She gave birth to light. And She said, “That’s good!”

LEADER:  God gave birth to the earth, and She saw that it was good.

ALL:  She gave birth to the grass and trees and plants of all kinds
and said, “That’s good!”

LEADER:  Our Mother gave birth to all the fish, both large and
small, that swim in the oceans and to all the winged birds that fly
above the earth. And She said, “They are good!”

ALL: God gave birth to the cattle and to all kinds of animals, and
She saw how good they are.

LEADER:  Then our Divine Mother gave birth to female and male
human beings. And She blessed female and male human beings
with responsibility for the earth and all the other living beings that
She had birthed.

ALL: We come to celebrate all these gifts from our Divine Mother.

LEADER: We come to learn again what it means to be entrusted
with these gifts.

ALL: We join together with our Mother and with one another in
giving birth to beauty, peace, and kindness. We join Her and one
another in nurturing the earth and all living beings.

LEADER: Our Mother gives us all power to give birth and to nurture

ALL: God, our Mother, you continually give life to us. Nourish us
and teach us to become all you created us to be in your divine
image. Help us to receive your power and love so that others may
draw life from us. May we join you in giving birth to new life and in
nurturing creation. So be it!

Jann Aldridge-Clanton’s passion is gender inclusivity in the realms of worship, religion and faith expression. Her website includes an annotated list of others concerned with the importance of inclusive language in liturgy, prayer and church life.


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