Our Mother Earth (hymn) – George Stuart, Australia

Sunflowers, Salisbury Plain — Fiona Crowther

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Tune: Nun Danket 

It is our Mother Earth
To whom we owe allegiance,
For ever since our birth
She’s shared from her abundance;
The air we need for breath,
The plants we need for food,
Cycles of life and death,
All have our gratitude.

From oceans, lakes and streams,
We draw much from their waters;
They are where nature dreams
Of bearing sons and daughters.
Then to the air and skies,
With energy and glee,
She moves with grace and flies
With polished artistry.

So how can we but grieve
When we observe pollution,
And not try to achieve
Some rehabilitation?
Repulsive is the sight
Of dirty, pois’nous slime,
Of smog that hides the light.
We must reverse this crime!

Let us avoid the doom;
We know that nature’s bleeding;
We must let flowers bloom;
We should heed all the pleading
To change what we all do,
To stop inflicting harm,
And so help to renew
All nature’s fragile charm.

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