Prayer for interfaith relations – Helen Heath, Australia

Art by Mike Ghouse, Australia

Creator God, God of love and compassion, of all new beginnings,
You beckon us to another year of service for the community.
But in our world, we are sadly aware of:

  • .communities who are not at peace with each other;
    • areas in the world where hatred, war and poverty destroy community living;
    • places suffering from the devastation and upheaval of natural disasters;
    • peoples whose anxious lives are in turmoil and uncertainty.

We also recognize within our own community that there are people:

  • who are not at peace with each other,
    • who live in poverty and fear;
    • whose lives are lived anxiously and in turmoil,
    • who need encouragement and a friendly hand.

As we commit ourselves to another year of working for all peoples of this community,
may our community be:

  • a place of renewal and refreshment for all those tired in spirit,
    • a place of hope for those who are sad and lonely,
    • a place of shelter for those who are hurt and broken,
    • a space of acceptance, belonging and encouragement,
    • a haven where people can find nurture and joy.

Creative Spirit, bless this community and give it Life,
that together, we may all live in peace, harmony and understanding.
Grant us wisdom and strength in all our decision making.
Give us the energy of your Spirit when times are hard.
And may we become simpler, quieter and warmer, drawn to you and your love.

This prayer was written for the Annual Gathering of the Interfaith Network of Greater Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, to which Helen Heath was the Churches of Christ Representative.  Ms. Heath is a graduate of Churches of Christ Theological College (now Sterling College), Mulgrave, Australia.