Prayer for peace during COVID-19 — Megan Sheehan, USA

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) affects our world, we continue to pray.

We invite you into our hearts — hearts that have so much on them right now.

Amidst our fear, disappointment, confusion, uncertainty, grief, anger, frustration and more…

We invite you in.

We know you are bigger.

May we be given a peace and understanding of cancellations and social distancing rules.

May we act with humility to not just preserve our own safety and health, but to look beyond ourselves and think of how our actions will affect others.

May we be alert to the ways we may help those around us, and give us the grace to step forward without hesitation to be men and women for and with others, for your greater glory.

Come to our aid..

Open our ears to hear your voice in these troubled times, may we listen and be prudent and may we draw ever closer to you.

Megan Sheehan is communications coordinator for Campus Ministry at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

Click here to visit the webpage of Marquette University where this prayer was first posted.  It has been slightly altered for Worship Words.