Prayer of Confession – Cara Heafey

Gracious God
We confess our greed.
To feed our insatiable appetites
we have plundered the earth and its resources,
stripped the forests, polluted the rivers,
depleted the oceans, poisoned the soil,
choked the good clean air.

We take and hoard more than we need,
leaving others without enough.

We continue to feed the monsters that enslave us:
the large-scale industries abusing the planet and exploiting the poor
the corporations that value profits over people
the governments that scapegoat the powerless and vulnerable
the companies that profit from war

Merciful God,
we confess our selfish desires
our envy towards our neighbour
our inhospitality to the stranger
our apathy towards the oppressed
our silence in the face of injustice

God of truth,
we confess the lies we tell ourselves
to justify our choices;
the choices which harm us
the choices which harm others

Loving God,
forgive us and renew us.
Open our eyes to the truth,
our hearts to love and be loved,
our hands to give and to serve.

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