Psalm 107 Inspired — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Inspired by Psalm 107
Responsive reading for 2 voices or for one voice leading the congregation

Give thanks to God!
For God is good! God’s steadfast love lasts forever.
God gathers God’s people
From east and west, north and south,
From the deserts of our weary and aimless wanderings,
From the shadows and gloom of our struggles,
From the false beliefs that imprison us, the false narratives with which we enslave others,
From our sin — the harm we do to one another, ourselves and our world,
From the depths that threaten to swallow us whole
God gathers God’s people. God gathers us!
God turns deserts into watery pools, from thirsty ground springs burst forth.
God’s shines in the shadows and the shadows cannot overcome it.
God’s truth shows the way to freedom.
God’s forgiveness washes over us.
So let us give thanks to God.
For God is good! God’s steadfast love lasts forever!

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