Psalm 12 Renewed — Duncan Wilson, UK

Lectionary reading for Epiphany 5 Year A

To be read responsively or by a single voice

How happy the servant who shows respect for their God
and delights in fulfilling God’s instructions.
It bodes well for her children and their future.
Her family will go short of nothing.

Light shines on those who live good lives,
who show mercy and kindness and fairness.
It is the same with those who are generous in helping
others while carrying out an honest trade.

Success follows such people
and they are long remembered.

Bad news may come but bring no fear
because her faith is strong.
Whatever they threaten,
any adversary will fail miserably.

Her open handed ways with others
show how genuine is her kindness
and that earns deep respect.

This confounds those who are jealous of her graces
and they sink in their own misery.

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