Psalm 138 Praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

Praise from the heart: psalms  framed and phrased for church worship

Proper 16 (usually Pentecost 12) Year A
Pentecost 3 Year B
Epiphany 5 Year C

I am praising you, our God,
with all my being.

When I called for help, you answered me,
you gave strength and courage.

However high and exalted you may be,
still you care for ordinary people.

But there is no hiding place for the proud.

Though we may be surrounded by trouble,
you shelter us from harm.

You deal with our adversaries
and intercede to save us.

You will complete your purpose for us.

Your love will never fail.

As your love lasts forever,

fulfil the work you have set in hand.

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