Psalm 72 Praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

A contemporary rendition of Psalm 72. 1-8, 18,19

Teach your rulers, dear God,
to know what is right
and share with them what you consider just
so that they rule fairly,
especially in favour of people who are oppressed.

May our lands also
enjoy prosperity
and also be awake to your righteousness.

As long as the sun shines
and the moon rises,
even to the end of the ages,
so may your people come to worship you.

May those who rule be to us
like fresh rain falling on the fields,
like showers on the land,
to make good things flourish.
Praise the God who reigns!
God alone does these wonderful things
Praise God’s glorious name for ever!
May God’s glory fill the earth.

Psalms from the Heart
For many years, Duncan Wilson (now a retired minister in Banbury) has been using the lectionary’s choice of Psalms each week as a call or introduction to worship. He has paraphrased each psalm as a responsive call to worship and is now offering them as a resource for churches and worship leaders to use as they wish. He intends them to be accessible for all ages, inclusive and relevant, as the Psalms were inspired by people with thoughts and experiences much like ours.

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