Reparations, a hymn — Raymond Stanyon, UK

What are the Reparations?
tune: “The Church’s One Foundation” – Aurelia

It seems that God’s creation is not what was designed.
So easy to accept things and then become resigned
To never being different, wrongs ne’er to be repaired
Will ever come the time when your bounty’s fairly shared?

We see the world around us now lost and full of sin
What we bemoan in others too often found within
My heart as cold as any, my thoughts for self alone
Where are the seeds of hope that in me you’ve freely sown?

What are the reparations that we must make today?
What words and deeds can ever right wrongs of yesterday-
Life stolen, stunted, ended – in anger, hurt and pain.
How can we hope to ever Walk side by side again?

‘Act justly and love mercy, walk humbly with your God!’
Still challenges us to action – to walk the way you trod,
To join you in your journey, to usher in your reign,
Share grace with broken-hearted, and live with healing pain.

You are the generous sower – who still throws out your seed
For some the source of sharing, for others source of greed.
Turn inward thoughts now outward, as equals let us stand
In brokenness and sorrow – still guided by your hand.

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