Shepherding, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Street art, Boulder, Colorado USA

Based on the tune of St Clement – ‘The day though gavest’

Be with us in ways that wrap us in communion
Unite us to be your church once more
While we are apart bring us closer together
In ways that your justice and mercy restore

Be always beside us your word speaks to guide us
A shepherd here to protect their flock
Your comfort to shield us, a strange warmth inside us
A church built up firmly and safe on the rock

Be present is prayers and our longing to witness
The awe and wonder you have in store
Lead us to show love in diverse ways and richness
The friends and the allies your gospel calls for

Be here to unite us, uplift and excite us
Let passion still make your church rejoice
Enfold us, remould us in ways that delight you
Be here in our silence, let us know your voice

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