inclusive language in liturgy

Reign of Christ Sunday Intercessory Prayer — Tod Gobledale, UK

As we enter into this intercessory time—thinking and praying for others—let us first seek to still our spirits’ restlessness. I invite you to close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale, filling your lungs…. Exhale, emptying your lungs…. Inhale, fill your lungs…. Exhale, empty them…. Inhale… Exhale. Pray with me. Jesus, they hanged you […]

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Liberated Liturgy

When our liturgy is truly liberated it will no longer bend to the tyranny of tradition nor the rule of church law. Neither will it bend to the tyranny of change-for-change’s-sake nor weaken due to a perceived ‘need’ for change. Liberated Liturgy will reflect a freedom to use authentic, grounded and progressive words whether they […]

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