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Psalm 32 for today, Lent 1 — Duncan Wilson, UK

Happy are the people whose misdeeds are forgiven; whose failures are totally blotted out! Happy are the people in whom God finds no fault, who prove to be straightforward and honest. When we own up to our sins and do not try to hide our faults you take away the consequences coming to us. So […]

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Luke 9:51-62 dramatised

Luke 9:51-62 – a drama to use in worship For Third Sunday after Pentecost Year C Translation by Rex Hunt, Australia (Read more about Rex Hunt at end of post.) Actors: Jesus, Narrator, James/John, Followers 1,2,3 Script ready-to-use — download here: Luke 9,51-62 drama 6 readers PDF Luke 9,51-62 drama 6 readers WORD Script Narrator: […]

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