The Prophecy, Carol — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: Annie’s Song – You fill up my senses, by John Denver –  lyrics and sheet music

Hear the prophets foretelling a promised Messiah
A hope for the future, a shepherd will come
A spirit indwelling a lowly born mother
God chose above others to carry God’s own.

Hear the angels proclaiming Good News to the shepherds
Hear their voices explaining our saviour is born
As the sky fills with glory their part in this story
Is to rush to the manger and kneel to adore

Hear a voice in the desert announcing the coming
Of one who would follow. The one who will save
Who’ll deliver all people and rescue the broken
Whose kin-dom will open and vanquish the grave.

Hear the message of Jesus, the gift of forgiveness
Hear true words and witness compassion again.
See wide arms outstretching in welcome and blessing.
Hear prophecy fulfilled and hear the amen.

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