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Presbyterians for Earth Care has produced a Year C Lenten Devotional, “The Stones Will Cry Out,” with original artwork, diverse and excellent writers, and engaging reflections.

Click here to download the series which includes one reflection for each week of Lent.

From the introduction:

On the road to Jerusalem there are many voices crying out “Make straight the way of the Lord” (John 1:23).

As we join Jesus on his journey to the Cross we should pay particular attention to those voices often overlooked. From Elizabeth and Mary, to Magi and the mad king Herod there are many voices who bear witness to the astonishing life and work of Jesus. Often overlooked, however, are those less obvious voices that join the holy chorus proclaiming the day of the Lord. This Lent, as we follow Jesus on the road to Jerusalem, we pay special attention to these powerful testimonies.

These testimonies are voices that cannot be silenced. These are the voices crying out in the wilderness; creation itself proclaiming the Good News that Jesus has come to proclaim the peace of heaven. When those who are threatened by that peace demand the disciples cease their praise, Jesus declares that even if every faithful disciple should suddenly lose their ability (or freedom) to proclaim this good news, the very rocks hurled at them in hate will take up the cry of the hosannas of praise (Luke 19:40)….


Third Sunday… by Daniel Tipton
Fourth Sunday… by Alissa Conner
Fifth Sunday… by Sue Rheem
Palm Sunday… by Alton Pollard
Maundy Thursday… by Amantha Barbee
Good Friday… by Bill Brown
Easter… by Kerri Allen

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