The Touch — Sam Goodman, UK

‘Hands’ by Alfred Fisher, Basingstoke URC, UK

The singular (me/I) might be replaced with the plural (us/we) for a prayer to include in corporate worship.

Your hands hold me
They meet me in prayer
They comfort my spirit
They show me that you care

Your hands reach out to me
They tell me that love forgives
They lead me to a place
Where I can truly learn to live

Your hands console me
I feel how your touch can heal
How you mend the broken-hearted
How your love is real

Your hands feed me
It is more than wine and bread
It is manna from heaven
I feel abundantly fed

Your hands save me
Hands once nailed to cruel wood
Your new creation comes
It is good

Your hands hold me
I am no longer here alone
Your embrace welcomes me
To your temple, to your home

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