nearing death

What lies beyond death? — Cara Heafey, UK

We wonder what lies beyond death. Perhaps nothingness? May it be a great expanse of freedom. Perhaps sleep? May you rest in peace. Perhaps reunion? May those you have loved, for whom your soul aches, be waiting to greet you. Perhaps belonging? May it bring an end to all loneliness and separation. Perhaps completion? May […]

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Contemplating our final journey — Cara Heafey, UK

As we contemplate our final journey We face our deepest fears And recognise all that we long for. The whole of our lives has been bringing us to this point; The point of departure A threshold. Do not be afraid of the darkness. Let it enfold you like a blanket. Your ancestors have gone ahead […]

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A Blessing as one nears death — Cara Heafey, UK

May you greet each day as a gift And look for the treasure within it. May the story of your life hold meaning, For you and for those who will follow. May you have time enough to say all that needs to be said; To do all that needs to be done. May your relationships […]

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