Prayer responding to disaster — Global Ministries, USA

photo by Ben Ulrich

Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God. (Isaiah 40:1)

Holy God, ever present,
our hearts are once again heavy
as we watch this disaster unfold.
We pray comfort for those who have lost loved ones
and remember those who have lost their lives,
commending their souls to your care.
In the midst of this tragedy,
we are mindful of those who are injured
and of the many who are ill,
and of communities that are already struggling
to address the many needs that are present.
We pray for relief in these days of suffering.
May our lives and our resources be a source of assistance, love and care.
Be present with all who mourn today.
Grant peace and renewed hope.
Comfort, O comfort your people we pray.

Initially shared in response to 2020 disaster in Lebanon, by Global Ministries USA

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