Prayers for Today — Christina White, UK

Day’s Beginning

O God,

You have birthed the world

And us.

You have washed us,

Dressed us,

Fed us,

Set us on our way in the school of life.

Give us courage to stand strong,

To meet all that comes our way with kindness,

Learn from all with an open heart,

And remember always

That the love which streams from us

Comes from You.



It is hard at times.

We started with good intentions,

But our best efforts seem to fail.

We are hurting,

And mother earth with us.

We need a moment’s space,

To let the fog clear,

To let the dust settle,

To see again

The brightness of your sun.


Painting by John Fray, UK

Day’s Ending

We can stop now.

No need to struggle any more.

Our task is done.

Draw the curtains and rest at home.

You are our home,

Now and forever.

We return to the womb that birthed us,

Safe in Your care.


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