church anniversary

Thank God for Church — Ana Gobledale, UK

Thank God for church! This might be read by numerous voices, responsively or by a single voice. Remember to pause and focus on firstly each attribute of the Spirit and secondly each specific gratitude. After each refrain, take time to consider specific people, activities, worship words, prayers, songs, sermons, and other aspects of church for […]

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Church Anniversary gathering words

We gather, looking back to see the paths taken,     Looking forward to see our path. We honour those who have gone before us,     Learning from their successes and failures. We celebrate who we are today, And welcome the possibilities and opportunities before us. We gather to worship God,        the God of yesterday, […]

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For All the Ways (hymn for Church Anniversary)– Jim Burklo, USA

Tune:  “For All the Saints”   Sine Nomine 10.10.10.A Words by Jim Burklo    (use freely with attribution) Appropriate for Church Anniversaries For all the ways we help each other grow As we share stories, moments high and low The face of Christ among us now will show We sing allelujia, allelujia. For all the people […]

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