modern worship music

From where I stand, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: In Christ alone You are my rock, safe and secure All that I treasure comes from you When other fade, you will endure Your promises are always true Chorus From where I stand, from what I know You are my strength, you are my guide Wherever I am called to go Your love will […]

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Matthew 21, The Two Sons, Hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Year A, Pentecost 16 Reading: Matthew 21:23-32, particularly verses 28-32. Tune: St Paul ‘Father’ may easily be changed to ‘mother.’  It’s a bit trickier to change the sons into daughters, but replacing ‘son’ with ‘one’, and ‘he’ with ‘she’, it’s possible. Download free lyrics and music. 1. Recorded stories Jesus told Were told for his […]

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