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Softly and tenderly, lyrics for today — Jim Burklo

New words to an old tent-meeting revival hymn Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling Calling for you and for me Walking his pathway toward joy and compassion Calling for you and for me Come home, come home You who are weary come home; Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling, Calling, “Dear searcher, come home” Leave behind […]

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Let me walk in love beside you, hymn — Ray Stanyon, UK

Tune: St Andrews (Edward Henry Thorne, 1834-1916) used for Jesus calls us O’er the tumult Let me walk in love beside you All along life’s dusty road Hearing, knowing every burden Let me help to share your load Wounds and pain arise to rob us Of a love community Guard me from a self-importance Seeing […]

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Climate in our hands (hymn) — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Russian Hymn For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here. This wondrous universe tells of God’s glory, Endless in space and forever in time; We are astonished when we contemplate its story We have a place in this myst’ry sublime. This planet’s destiny, life in its beauty Rests with the choices we […]

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