Blessing of Water

The Holy Water Stoup — Rochester Cathedral, UK

Written on a card available in the Cathedral… This Holy Water Stoup … contains water blessed and set apart to remind us of the new life which God give us in Jesus. Christians are baptised into God’s life in Jesus by having water poured over them symbolising dying and being born again; leaving behind everything […]

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C – Prayers for Tuesday

Refreshing words, by Lawrence Moore, UK Preparation: a bowl of water (to represent baptism) and towel   Affirmation I go into today with the gift of the God who calls me, the Christ who walks beside me, and the Spirit who empowers me. I refresh my body with the water of all life. (Wash hands, face […]

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Water, Holy Water: a blessing service — Justice Ministries, USA

This resource originates from Creation Justice Ministries USA which develops Earth Day Sunday materials each year to help congregations celebrate and care for God’s Creation.   Ready-to-print downloads: PDF – Water, Holy Water – ready-to-print download WORD – Water, Holy Water – ready-to-print download Faith Reflection “I don’t know what tallies as sacred for you […]

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